Transitioning To Natural Hair


So, you’re deciding to take that big step to return your tresses back to their natural state. Well, Eshet is here to give you some tips on how this can be done. I will also recommend some styles, so the process will not seem so hard.

When going from relaxed hair to natural, stick to your decision, and know that the process will take some time. Many times, we will see a style on a woman whose hair is already natural (large afro, two strand twists, comb coils, and a variety of other natural hair styles) and want that for ourselves. However, unless you will do the big chop and sport TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro), going natural, for some, is easier said than done. Do not… I repeat… do NOT become alarmed when you see a little bit of new growth, while you still have relaxed ends. I recommend that you make the decision to either do the big chop, or grow the hair out.


This is what I call the TWA, and how your hair may look after the big chop.  Put on some big earrings, smack on some lip gloss that pops, and walk with your head held high!

When growing the hair out while there is relaxer still on the ends, there are a variety of options.  One is rodding the hair.  When rodding the hair, it is recommended that it’s done while the hair is still wet.  Another option is using drinking straws to roll the hair, thus giving the hair a curly look when you separate the hair.


qobah hair

A straw set would give this look, depending on the size of the straws and the length of the hair.  This is the look before the hair is plucked out.

Braids (cornrows and individual) or twists (Senegalese or kinky) seem to be the most popular choice, when women transition.  With these styles, women will have hair added to their heads.  Many of the women I have come across are not comfortable with wearing their hair short, right away.


Picture via Jolenda African Hair Braiding Individual braids


braids 2
Senegalese Twists

When I’m styling a woman’s hair who has about 3 inches of hair or more, with relaxer still at the ends, I will two strand twist or double strand twist the hair. When the hair is still wet, or even when it’s dry, I will trim the ends a little at a time.  Often times, the ends of the hair will curl up because of the twisting of the hair.  This can be done with comb coils, too. The coils will not be as full, since the ends are still relaxed, but you will have the comb coil look.   These ladies, in the pictures below, were starting their locks.  When locking the hair, often times locticians will use hair clips to give the hair a tighter twist.

Comb coils with relaxed hair
Comb coils with relaxed hair
Comb coils with no relaxer.
Comb coils with no relaxer.


No matter what method is used, keep the hair clean by having it washed often, and keep it moisturized.  This is especially important when you have relaxed ends.  As the new growth comes, the hair at the end (relaxed hair) will break off.  This usually alarm women, which leads them to take the big chop.  See below a few more styles….

These are actually plaits.
These are actually plaits.


These are two strand twist! These two strand twist were separated.
These are two strand twist! These two strand twist were separated.





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