Fight Over Transgender Rights Law



So the newly passed bill in Maryland updates Maryland’s anti-discrimination law. This bill now includes gender identity, which protects transgendered people from discrimination at work, housing or in public places. The issue is many delegates did not want public restrooms included. “That’s the most harmful part of this bill. For parents, they want to send their little girls into the bathroom and there could be a man in there hiding. It allows for that to happen,” Parrot said.

However, the supporters for the bill say’s this is not the case. “A man who puts on a dress to commit illegal acts is not covered by the bill and illegal acts remain illegal,” says Keith Thirion.

Several delegates are hoping to get enough signatures to bring the law before voters in November. Tuesday they announced a drive under They need 56,000 signatures in order for the bill to be on the ballot in November. There are two deadlines to meet: one in May and one in June.


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