Kale Salad With Craisins and Apples!




So the journey continues and in order for me to continue on this raw food challenge I had to come up with some raw food dishes to eat use. I am use to my kale salad having tahini in it or some other type of dressing. However, this challenge includes no processed foods. It turned out pretty good.


Kale (mines came chopped)
Craisins, raisins or apple
1 lemon
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper

So what I did was pull the kale into a bowl. I chopped up my apple and added the craisins. You do not have to use both. I then squeezed the lemon into the bowl and added my olive oil. I added about 3 tablespoons first however, I poured a little bit more until all of the kale had a shine to it. I added in salt (not too much) and pepper along with some garlic and herb salt free seasoning. It was quick and easy. It taste delicious. If it’s too tart, add a bit more apple, craisins or raisins. Season to your taste. I tend to not measure things at times unless I am baking. So there you have it, enjoy!

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