VIDEO: Baltimore Landslide



Clean up continues on 26th street here in Baltimore, Maryland. I wake of Wednesday landslide which swallowed up 8 cars and homes being evacuated, footage of the landslide has emerged. The footage shows the exact moment the road collapsed onto the CSX track and you can hear residents in the background. See below!



It’s a good thing that no one was walking by when this happened. Right up the street from where this happened is a school. No one was injured. Since then, the cars have been removed, the debris redistributed, and the trains are back in service. CSX released a statement:

“Soil and debris from a mud slide in Baltimore have been removed from CSX Transportation tracks, and customer service restored over that line. However, nearby residents remain out of their homes as local officials assess the condition of the nearby saturated property. Around 5 a.m. today, trains in the area began moving again and operations resumed in support of Seagirt Marine Terminal.

“CSX continues to work with local officials to determine the cause of the mud slide, which came after heavy rains in the area. CSX also continues to work with officials to support the safety and recovery of area residents and businesses.”

School is back in service. However, the city is putting replaced residents at the Hilton downtown.




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