Bullied PromBat Girl Speaks Out About Rihanna

prom bat


I remember my junior prom and with most of us we cherish those memories. However for 16-year-old Alexis Carter, it turned into a nightmare. Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore had their Hollywood-themed school prom last week and Alexis Carter wore a black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline that was inspired by and identical green Alexandre Vauthier design worn by her idol Rihanna to the Echo Awards in 2010. It was hosted at an old movie theater and it had a red carpet too. Her prom outfit received many compliments from her peers however, when she posted her photo to her twitter account that’s when the bullying began. She was called “Darkwing Duck,” “The Dark Thot Rises”, and finally “PromBat.” It went viral. To make matters worse, Rihanna herself became part of the spectacle and posted a picture which can be seem above with a sad face emoticon beneath it. She than posted another photo with the Wu Tang Clan symbol next to it. You know anyone can see that this young lady who is only 16 was looking up to someone who she idolized. Whether some celebrities know it or not, people look up to them. Folks have to learn the difference between someone trying to compete or steal their “shine” and paying respect to someone. Everything is not a competition.


prom bat 2


Alexis told Yahoo Shine these words. “I started crying at first, and when it went viral I was so stressed out that I didn’t want to go to school,” Alexis says. “When Rihanna posted that photo it made it 10 times worse. The whole reason I wore [the jumpsuit] was because I love her. She was my motivation, and I was so shocked. She had to really think about it to make and post a picture about it. That’s overboard and tells me a lot about her. She’s nasty, and she really desecrated my name.” The teen’s question for the singer: “You’re a grown woman — why would you be doing that? You’re supposed to uplift them, not put them down.”





prom bat 3


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