NEW MUSIC: Jagged Edge “Hope”


If you grew up in the 90’s than when you see the name “Jagged Edge” you should know who I am talking about. If you do not I suggest you go look this group up. I was wondering where this group disappeared to along with some of my other favorites; Dru Hill & 112. However, could this be a comeback for the group who released a single called “Hope.” The Atlanta based group consists of brothers Brandon and Brian Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo. The R&B group came on the scene with songs such as “I Gotta Be” and “Let’s Get Married.” They recently set down with Vibe Magazine to talk about their new single. Listen to song below and read some snippets from the interview with Vibe!



VIBE: What is your new single “Hope” about?
Brandon: There’s so many things right now, that take away from us—us as men. [We had] this idea to put a record out there to uplift. Especially for men, we really need those records. In music in general, not just R&B. You hear these girl power records all the time. You never get records like that for guys. This is one of those records for real men. Real men are gonna love it.

What motivated you to make a “guy power” anthem?
Brandon: Just life. You put on TV any day of the week and you watch any of these talk shows, and I guarantee that, out of five episodes in the season, two of them are about bashing men. The radio seems like women are trying to come up with these all-girls exclusive club. We got an exclusive club of our own.

So what’s next in 2014?
Brandon: We got a lot of things coming. It’s too premature to let any piece of it out the bag. We got a lot of music coming. We’re in a new situation with Jermaine [Dupri]. It’s not like Jagged Edge on So So Def Records, we partnered with Jermaine on this new record label. The future…We have a lot of things coming. Stay tuned.
I heard somebody say, “Don’t call it a comeback. Just say, ‘We’re back.’” I feel like that’s us. We’re just adding to our legacy and doing what we love to do. What we’ve been blessed to do. If it’s any one thing, it’s to cement our legacy.

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