Study of Corruption: These Countries Are Said To Be The Most Corrupt




Transparency International conducted a study of corruption  and it found that two-thirds of the world’s nations scored below 50 on their corruption index. Now mind you I always wonder how these study groups come up with the information when they conduct a study. One has to consider who gave the input and how many people gave their opinions. However, with the worst possible score being 0 and the best 100 many of the world’s nations scored below 50. Countries that seem to experience the most corruption are those ruined by political and military strife along. Yet these 5 countries are considered the most corrupt countries in the world.


Iraq: Iraq was held under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein for a long time. It has been occupied by American forces throughout the years and its government now is more “humanitarian.” It scored a 16 on the Transparency International Study of corruption and came in on the list at number 171.

Libya: Libya ranked in at number 172 and scored a 15 on the study. This is another country that is experiencing transitioning from a rule of a single person; more specifically Muammar Gadaffi. It appears that Libya was in better condition; the state of the country that is under his rule even though he was linked to corruption.

South Sudan: South Sudan scored a 14 and came in at 173 in the list. Thousands have been killed and about 1.5 million have been forced to flee because of this war-torn country.

Sudan: Sudan scored an 11 on the list. It is violence on a large-scale taking place in Darfur which is causing refugees to flee into chad as well as other countries.

Afghanistan: Afghanistan scored a number 8 on the study and came in at 175. Afghanistan faced problems with bringing together different ethnic groups; the Taliban, the British, the Soviets, and the Americans. This country has long been occupied by foreign forces.

Somalia: Somalia came in at the bottom of the list and scored a number 8 on the corruption index. This country has a history of conflict with the Islamic Courts Union and violence dating back to operation Mogadishu.





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