NEW MUSIC: Yahshuruwn Benyisrael “Warriors Of YAH”

warriors of yah


Yahshuruwn Benyisrael (b. 1982) YAH IS UPRIGHT. He began rhyming at the early age of ten and through maturity and life’s experiences; he has grown to be an ingenious lyricist. He is best known for his raw, thought provoking lyrics, praise for his Creator, and his ability to ride on any genre of music. He recently collaborated with KuwliYAH in the Newly released single “גֶּבֶריָהּ Warriors Of YAH” which portrays his Misson Statement. A Warrior of YAH from the beginning to the end (Aleph, Tav) is the code that he Lives by. YAHshuruwn is not your average new era M.C. For YAHshuruwn it is not about fame, material wealth, nor boasting in ones self. Songs are written to give YAH praise; the world has turned away from that… YAHshuruwn’s Mission is to restore it back to the days of antiquity where men, women, and children unite to sing praises to THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR, YAH.




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