Summer Meals In Baltimore



Even though summer has begun, school meals did not cease. Baltimore’s summer programs have increased by 20 percent at more than 400 lunch rooms citywide do this this. This is a federal push program that feeds students who rely on school lunch. One of the reasons for this push is to cut down on obesity and to make sure that children receive good nutrition.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack believes that national security is at stake. He tells WJZ, “If we have a generation of kids who are overweight or a generation of kids who have not been well fed, then the number of young people fit for military service will shrink to the point where our national security can be compromised.”

This also gives children a chance to have at least a meal a day who may not receive enough food at home. This is not the first summer that schools served summer meals to students. Last year, they served 7 million more meals than they originally planned and this summer the USDA hopes to increase that number by 3 million. To find a summer meal site in your area or close to you in Baltimore, call 211.


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