REVIEW: No Presets Unplugged

From L to R DJ Hollywood, Founders Syranno & Derrick and The Band
From L to R DJ Hollywood, Founders Syranno & Derrick and The Band


No Presets An Unplugged Experience is produced by ISMG (Illustrious Symphony Media Group). The reason behind the show is the love for great music and a way to give artist both indie and major a platform to have a more intimate relationship with their fans as well as build a fan base. The series launched June 26th 2014 and plans to run all summer long. ISMG has been around since 2009 silently building relationships, orchestrating events and helping artists develop. It has a MTV unplugged feel to it. The atmosphere was live and the artist put on a show to remember. Headlining the show on July 26, was Hip Hop artist Jay Verze with pre-show performances by Hip Hop artist Rickie Jacobs and R&B singer sensation Cheikh.


DJ Hollywood
DJ Hollywood


With a live DJ, DJ Hollywood set the mood with new hip hop songs with a packed room. This preceded the performance by Hip Hop/Rap artist Rickie Jacobs who went in on his set. Rickie Jacobs has a song out with Jay Verze titled “Crown.” He performed his own songs and gave a performance to remember. He is worth checking out!




Following Rickie Jacobs is rising R&B sensation Cheikh who has two songs out with Jay Verze titled “Hollywood” and “Life Through My Dark Shades.” Cheikh is what you would call a breath of fresh are. He was so refreshing. I always believe that if a person sounds good live than they are an excellent singer. He performed original songs written by him as well as “They Don’t Know” by Rico Love.


R&B Sensation Cheikh
R&B Sensation Cheikh

Last but definitely not least was Jay Verze who headlined the show for the evening. Jay Verze performed a number of his songs off of his current album “Life Through My Dark Shades.” He performed his songs “Hollywood” and “Life Through My Dark Shades” with R&B singer Cheikh, “Envy” and more. Jay Verze explained after the show that his album is about what he was going through at that time which is out now.



No Presets Unplugged gives the feel of MTV Unplugged. It is definitely something that one should check out if you are living in Baltimore or want to experience something different. As of now the event is free to the public and the founders want to keep No Presets free. There is a fund set up if people would like to donate to keep this event going. You can go to No donation is too big or too small. If you are looking for good music, talent, an atmosphere with a good vibe or looking to showcase your talent, than this is definitely the place to be.



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