Ebola Outbreak Kills Nearly 700 People



Countries in West Africa have been on lockdown because of the Ebola virus. It is affecting Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. This is said to be the worst outbreak in history. Nearly 700 deaths have been attributed to the Ebola virus and among them are some Americans.

Now I remember hearing about Ebola back in the 90’s and it was movies created about this deadly virus. However, here is what you need to know about Ebola. Ebola is a virus that is a highly infectious illness with a chance of death up to 90 percent. Symptoms of this virus includes sudden fever, joint and muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases internal and external bleeding. The virus is spread through contact with bodily fluids of an infected person. There is no known vaccine or cure for the disease however, if it is caught early it can fought with other viruses such as influenza.

The current outbreak is said to be really bad. Reports of the Ebola infection first surfaced in February in the West African states: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. More than 670 lives have been claimed during this outbreak. Recently, top doctor Sheik Umar Khan who was fighting the deadly virus in Sierra Leone died Tuesday form the virus. He is accredited for treating more than 100 patients. His death follows the death of dozens of local health workers and the infection of two Americans in Liberia. There was a recent death of a Liberian man who was a consultant for the Liberian government. He had traveled from Liberia through an airport in Lome before arriving in Nigeria. The hospital where he died is under lockdown.


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