All Of These Challenges: Including the “Fire Challenge”

The Fire Challenge!


This is not a game even though some children believe that it is; the fire challenge. The fire challenge involves teenagers recording themselves as they pour some type of flammable liquid onto their body before setting themselves on fire. In one particular video that I watched, one person was in the shower while another set the child on fire. The child who was set on fire scurried to put the fire out by turning on the shower. I could not believe my eyes. Most people dont’ set themselves on fire and if something is on fired they are trying to run from it. What is going on with the children of today’s society? Children having children perhaps? No guidance in the home? How about lack of structured activities in the community? Is this really a case of kids being kids? We do have to remember that teens are immature and even though it looks dumb to adults teens will often do anything to get noticed.

condome challenge
This is the young lady from the video I saw the other day! The condom challenge.


Another challenge is the condom challenge. Yes you heard me the condom challenge. This is where they take a condom and snort it through their nose so that it comes out through their throat. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this young lady do this on video. Yes it is gross and I could not watch all of it. See most of these challenges are being done and posted on the web so that others can see. This also includes the choke challenge were a person puts their arm or hands around another persons throat or their neck which causes them to become disoriented. In one video the young lady collapsed and was gasping for air. Some of these children have too much time on their hand or they don’t realize how dangerous these challenges are. Anything can happen and there has been cases reported of children severely burning themselves do to trying the fire challenge. Parents please get a hold on what your children are doing and watch the company they keep.

Some of these videos can be found on YouTube or Facebook!



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