Bottoms Up: A Documentary That Explores The Obsession With Big Butts



What is it about big butts that have many men or people in general fascinated? Directors Chris Alvarez and Kurt Williamson sat down with The Grio to talk about their new documentary “Bottoms Up!” In the interview Chris talks about Venus Hottentot whose name was Sarah Baartman who was on exhibit at a freak show attraction during the 19th century in Europe. He explained the fascination with big butts started in Africa where the French saw women and were amazed by the physique; namely Sarah Baartman. I find this interesting because years ago if your butt was really large than one was considered fat even if other parts of the body was toned. Often you would hear, “My butt is too big” or “I wish my butt was smaller.” However, women these days are now having surgery or receiving butt injections to achieve a bigger butt. Some of these procedures go well and while others have lost their limbs and even their lives over butt injections.

The documentary even has the cameras follow a woman who undergoes surgery so that she can achieve a curvier behind. Chris Alvarez and Kurt Williamson teamed up with Moguldom Entertainment and this is what the president of Moguldom Entertainment told The Grio, “The purpose of our film is to spark debate. Here at Moguldom, we accept the challenge of initiating spirited and provocative discussion.” This has certainly sparkled some interest in me because what is the fascination over big butts especially to the point where people are using surgical procedures to achieve one. I guess good old fashion squats or exercises that target the buttock as well as the hips are not an option? Click here to view video!


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