Is Police Drone Usage An Invasion Of Privacy?




Well some believe that the usage of drones by the police is risky and that they would be going too far. Another reason why some do not approve of drone usage by the police because it is an invasion of privacy. One may ask, “What is a drone?” A drone which it is commonly known as but also goes by the name of unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard. In situations such as standoffs or car accidents, many police agencies believe that drones would be useful. As of now, Maryland is not using drones but are considering it. Many states; about a dozen are already using drones.

Drones have been used during military strikes and have caused damage to families who were killed or injured even though they were not the target of the strike. Granted we are not going to war here in Maryland, one has to take into consideration the pros and cons. Drones can be used to catch speeders and gather information during police raids. However, will the police can abuse the usage of drones and pry into things they have no business digging into. Will the right to remain silent or anything you say will be used against you still be in place if information is gathered? Some believe that since this is a free society that a drone is not compatible and does not belong here.

The police would need written approval from the Federal Aviation Administration before a drone can be used. If they are approved, police drones can only be flown in daylight.


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