Karrueche Tran Issues An Apology For Tasteless Blue Ivy Hair Joke

106 & Park LIVE


Since making her appearance on 106th & Park Karrueche Tran has issued an apology after she said, “I really did wake up like this because my parents didn’t comb my hair. Sorry, Blue! I love you!” Karrueche Tran who is Chris Brown on and off again girlfriend appeared as a guest host when she poked fun at the toddler. Talk about a joke gone wrong.

“I am a huge Beyoncé fan and I love Blue Ivy.  I apologize for the comment and wish I had a chance to review the revised script so that I could have avoided participating in that segment…I love that Blue is able to wear her natural hair. I laugh when I am nervous and when I registered what I had just said, I of course was taken aback,” says Karrueche

The President of BET issued an apology also and said it was not Karrueche’s fault. It was scripted. Talk about tasteless. Why are people so fascinated with Blue Ivy’s hair? News flash, a lot of people of color have naturally kinky or coiled hair not straight hair where one is led to believe. I guess its okay for mothers to put relaxers in their children’s hair which causes breakage or weaves which make then look a bit too old. If one takes the creamy crack out of their hair, a lot of people would have a hair texture like Blue Ivy. As a natural hair stylist I love tightly curled hair. Her hair is thick and healthy. I thought she looked really pretty with her afro the other night.




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