REVIEW: Five Minutes to Ferguson & Black America

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“Five Minutes to Ferguson & Black America” was the name of the topic and the basis of the discussion that took place in a forum on the “A Faithful Life” channel. A Faithful Life is a YouTube channel were Emunah Yisrael talks about “overcoming life experiences from death, to moving overseas, and to living in NYC” as well as topics that affect the community. In wake of the Michael Brown shooting as well as other youths who have been gunned down, the Hebrew community wanted to reach out to the slain parents of Michael Brown and many others. The forum was hosted by Emunah Yisrael. If you had five minutes to speak to Michael Brown and slain youth in America what would you say? This was the opportunity for the Hebrew community as well as others to reach out and give understanding about what is happening in Ferguson and all over in Black America.

I am Milcah Yahudah (Eshet) and I had the honor of sitting in on the forum on August 31. As I listened intently the message to Ferguson and Black America was clear, return to the Most High with emphasis based on Deuteronomy 28. This was brought up a number of times throughout the night and one of the guest speakers had a letter titled “The Signs of Deuteronomy 28.” This letter was presented by Achot Miryom. In the letter she spoke about her childhood, her sons, Dr. King’s assassination, slavery and asked the question what had happened to us to receive this type of treatment.

Photo Credit: This is some brief information about many of the Israelite communities scattered throughout Africa.

“We are an ethnic people. Before we arrived on these shores, we had a land, culture, a people that had a government, standards higher way higher than the ones we hold up today. We were not tainted by the nations and their ways. When we got into that, that was the beginning of our downfall,” said Achot Miryom.

Deuteronomy 28:15 and the verses after are the signs that were to be upon the descendants of Yaaqob (Jacob) also known as Israel. These signs were to be called to mind when these things came upon the people. They did not want to make the forum about religion and this was stressed by Zadok Ben Lewi. He made it clear that this was deeper than religion.  He said, “Religion is something that’s in a book, what I just read is something we see everyday, what we feel everyday. Mothers are crying, fathers are struggling and the question is why?”

These are some of the questions that people need to ask themselves. Is marching and protesting making a difference in our communities? Why after all these years do people feel it is okay to gun down a child of color which is spewing over into our own communities when we take each others life? Granted that Deuteronomy 28:15 can be read in the book, however, these signs are still upon the people to this day and when you read this, recall history it is clear what group of people these things happened to.

Even though it was some technical difficulties, the forum was informative, lively,and worth checking out. If you did not have the chance to tune in, then click here to watch. I would like to leave you with these words by Achot Emunah Yisrael, “All that we are going through the Most High sees. All praises to the holy one of Creation. The one who is just. The one loves just weights and balances The one who knows all things and sees all things. He’s never sleeping The one who put us in this predicament and often people will ask the question not my god, not the god of the old testament, he is mean and he is how could he do this to us, but how does a parent chastise a their child when they do wrong if it’s not for a child to do right. All that he desires is for us to come back to him. We have to change our mind and change our heart.”


duet 28




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  1. Thank you so much for sitting in on the forum and supporting the message many blessings s
    Sister Milcah

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