Count Down: Rice and the NFL Players Association Have Until Midnight To Appeal



Yup I called it but was wondering if the same law of “Double Jeopardy” applied to this situation as it would in a regular court of law. They will fight the idea of double jeopardy according to a source and turn to the CBA. According to some articles in the CBA, it states that a team or league can not punish a player for the same incident and they believe a player can not be suspended for his same actions.

Initially Rice was suspended for two games, however, once video footage was released by TMZ showing the whole incident that took place on the elevator he was terminated. His $35 million contract was terminated and what was supposed to be a two game suspension turned into an indefinite suspension.

No formal appeal has been filed yet, but Rice and the union have until midnight to file an appeal.

On a side note. I don’t know what happened between those two on the elevator. I don’t condone abuse from male or female. However, I do not agree with pushing a person for the same offense.

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