Debunking Hair Locking Myths!

So over the years, growing up in a culture were locks are a norm, having parents who wore locks at one point (most of my life) and styling and locking hair for the past 13+ years, I get asked a lot of question. Most of the time it does depend on the hair texture on the person’s head however, there are some things that is common and often I have to say no. So this article is about debunking hair locking “myths.”

Myth 1

If you don’t wash your hair for a long time in the beginning stages of locking your hair will lock faster.

No, now granted the hair will lock but it is the cleanliness of washing the hair that aids in the locking process. Now, lets think about it. When one is not even thinking about locking and they wash their hair what does the hair do on its own if one does not comb it? It curls up. Yes, I know people have naturally straight hair, however, the point is the hair naturally draws up or shrinks because of the water.

Now I know that in the beginning phase if a person uses the comb coil method the hair will unravel at times when washed. If a person is not able to retwist on their own it is good to make an appointment with your loctitian. I for one could not go long without washing my hair so I was washing my hair every week as I do to this day.


bees wax


Myth 2

Using lemon juice and bees-wax will make it lock faster.

Using lemon juice can lighten the hair and since it’s acidic it can dry your hair. Perhaps this is why people believe it will cause your hair to lock faster. Now bees-wax. I do not recommend using straight up bees-wax on hair. Sure it give the locks when they are first formed; comb coils, two strand twist, ect., a nice look at the moment but it can leave the hair with build up and cause the hair to look dull as well as gray over time. Often times you will see bees-wax is an ingredient in hair locking products which is okay however, using it by itself is not good. I always say if the product can not wash off of your hand properly do not use it.


Often times the usage of hair locking products is what gives the hair an extra hold and sheen. If one is not free forming, one will use a lock gel or lock butter to twist the hair. Now, people who free form do use products on their hair however, often they lock from a totally different method than your standard coils or two strand twist. Some two strand and let the hair go while others just wash and let the hair form its own shape.


Previously colored locks before lock maintenance!
Previously colored locks before lock maintenance!

Myth 3

Oh using hair dye on locked does not have the safe effect as someone who has a relaxer.

Hey, it’s still hair. Even if the hair is not relaxed you have to still follow the same directions you would if the hair was relaxed. Often times people want color into their hair but forget that dye can dry the locks. It can cause breakage. The usage of conditioner is good and replacing the nutrients back in the hair is a must. I recommend using a liquid type of conditioner and it can be left in. If you use a conditioner that is creamy use is sparingly or not at all.


Now these are a few things I thought was import and I am asked about a lot. I hope this helps if you are thinking about locking your hair. You want your locks to be as healthy as possible. Peace & Blessings….


Colored locks that was set on chanel stems to get the curl!
Colored locks that was set on chanel stems to get the curl!



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