Texas Ebola Patient May have Been In Contact With More Than 80 People



The disease that has killed more than 3300 West Africans and is considered the worse outbreak of Ebola recorded. Up to 100 people may have been in contact with the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola on the US soil. As a precaution, 4 of the patients relatives have been quarantined in their home. The Dallas Texas patient had flown in from Liberia and sought treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 25th. However, he was sent home with antibiotics even though he told a nurse he had arrived from West Africa. Read Full Story Here!

As a precaution, Maryland is currently training and bracing just in case it happens here. University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins say they have been training their staff for months on how to properly identify Ebola in a patient. Authorities in Liberian said that Thomas Duncan lied about having family members with the disease. As of now, the CDC is monitoring as many as 18 people including 5 children. Duncan is currently isolated and is in serious but stable condition.

NIH here in Maryland is currently treating an American doctor who was exposed to Ebola while in Sierra Leone.

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