Ebola Preparation Time: Maryland Hospitals Retrain Staff


With a number of Ebola cases surfacing in the United States, Maryland hospitals are preparing themselves in case someone walks in with the virus. Because of what happened in Dallas with now deceased patient Eric Duncan, doctors as well as nurses need to be alert in case something goes wrong and put their lives at risk as well as the patient.

Some things that the local hospitals are doing to prepare are:

Strategizing on what hospital rooms would be appropriate for an Ebola patient.

Making sure equipment is stocked in different areas of the departments.

Making sure staff is trained properly.

Please note that according to Doctors, Ebola only spreads through contact with infected body fluids that includes sweat, saliva and blood.

Ambulance drivers as well as paramedics are also being trained on how to protect themselves. All Maryland hospitals are being prepared in the event of an Ebola patient.


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