Apple Inc. Offers Unique New Perk


Well for their employees that is. Earlier this year, Facebook began covering egg freezing for workers now Apple is said to be adding the new perk in January. The companies’ policies are a tad bit different from each other but both are offering up to $20,000 in total. This process allows women to postpone childbirth at a cost of $10,000 and up.

Fertility Specialist says that the bet time for a woman to freeze her eggs is in her early 30’s. This maybe an effort to support career driven women who want children later on in life. Dr. Carl Herbert of the Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco told CBS, “The population of women who would need it are the professional women, the ones who are building a career, and have the potentials to become CEO and top level people but need years to do that.”

The process of freezing human eggs is called oocyte cryopreservation. The woman is administers daily self-injections with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) for one week. This causes the ovaries to produce multiple eggs instead of the one that is normally produced each month. During this time a doctor will monitor the woman’s ovaries and perform blood test three times a week for the first two weeks after the ovaries have been stimulated. After this the eggs are retrieved and this is known as harvested. Once the eggs are retrieved they are immediately placed into a culture dish and sent to a clinical laboratory. They are examined to determine if they are healthy and once this is done, they are frozen. The two methods used are: slow-freezing or vitrification.



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