GOOD DEED: Kevin Hart Helps Bus Driver Get Her Job Back



Los Angeles shuttle bus driver Genesha Bradley-Douglas was suspended after taking a selfie with comedian Kevin Hart. When her supervisors saw the photo and videos of the event, Bradley Douglas was suspended without pay. Word got back to Kevin Hart about the suspension and Hart posted a video directed at National Car Rental. He wrote on Youtube: I’m asking National Rental Car to please give Ganesha Douglas a pass. She has learned from her mistake. She nor I intended for this to happen. #LoveMyFans” See video below!

Genesha tearfully thanked Kevin Hart and all those who supported her on Inside Edition. “Tears of joy. I’m overwhelmed by this video. It’s all over my face but I’m just happy that he would do that for me. I’m just really happy that a celebrity would do this for me. Because he didn’t ask me to get off the bus, I got off on my own. I’m just grateful to him, to you guys as well, for allowing me to come here and tell my side. I just want to say thank you [breaks down]. I feel wonderful. And I have faith.”

Kevin Hart spoke with TMZ and said, “She did get her job back; it’s called the Kevin Hart effect. Twenty seconds of video of you showing compassion can get anything done.”


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