Google’s Latest Experiment!

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When most of us think of Google we think of search engine! Well Google is much more than a search engine. Emerging from the Google X lab, Google is working on a cancer detecting pill! This can be added to a list of other projects Google have going on such as self driving cars, computer called Glass (it looks like eyeglasses), internet-beam balloons and contact leases that will measure glucose in tears. Yes this is the part of Google most did not know about.

This “cancer-detecting” pill is still in its experimental stage. The pill has tiny magnetic particles that travels through a patients bloodstream. These 2,000 microscopic “nanoparticles” search for malignant cells and report what is found to a sensor on a wearable device. This gives doctors a better view of what is happening inside the body of their patients.

According to CBS, “At this point, Google believes the cancer-detecting nanoparticles can be coated with antibodies that bind with specific proteins or cells associated with various materials.” The goal is to get a fuller picture of a patients health otherwise one would not get form a single sample from a blood test.



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