Are You At Risk For Certain Health Problems Because Of Your Blood Type?



Well I found this interesting because not too long ago I was having a conversation with someone about a book titled, “Eat Right For Your Blood Type.” I didn’t read the entire book and I honestly only read about the things the pertained to my blood type. So I wondered if eating chicken could cause stroke in certain blood types and now I came across research that states that a person’s blood type could determine the risk for certain health problems.

According to a study, blood type AB is linked to memory loss. This blood type is the rarest. Another example is blood type A which is more likely to get heart disease and blood type B has a higher risk of throat cancer. A doctor at Mass General says researchers are now making the connection. He states, “They found that, yes, people with AB and higher levels of clotting factor probably had a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment.”


However, even though you may be an AB type you are not doomed for memory loss. Some things that can be done to prevent memory loss or lower the risk is, exercise, getting rest, and eating well as well as keeping the mind active.

Recommendations on how to stay healthy may be determined by your blood type one day in the same way cholesterol and blood pressure is checked.


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