Natural By Nature: Meet Shron E.


Coming straight out of Maryland, Shron E. is a vibrant and versatile Sista who embraces her natural hair. “We don’t go natural, we return….”and that is what Shron E. did six years ago.  For many of us, hair is a statement of beauty, style, and self-love especially wearing the hair that we were born with! She has worn locks, rocks her own fro, even experiment with sew ins and adorns herself with headwraps. Follow along with me to get to know a bit more about this Natural By Nature Sista; Shron E.!


How long have you been natural and when did you decide to make that change?

I have been natural for about 6 years now. I can always remember the length of time because I did the big chop when my son was an infant, and now he’s 6. I decided to make the change, well I didn’t decide my children’s father decided for me when we were together. I just agreed. He wanted something different for me, shit I wanted something different for myself. The perms were breaking my hair off badly, so I went for it. I contacted Milcah who is now the CEO of and she chopped my hair. That’s when I started my lock journey.


What prompted you to go natural (personal or professional)? Relationship or lifestyle change?

I guess it was both. Now that I’m older, it’s definitely both. I’m looking towards starting my own blog and I want to target the natural hair community. How would it look if they are natural and I’m still relaxed? Lol Umm, and I know for personal reasons, my husband loves it, and it’s actually better this way.


Shron E. during the time of her lock journey!
Shron E. during the time of her lock journey!

How did you wear your hair before going natural?

I wore my hair in wrap styles, or I would get myself a nasty, sticky glue in weave. Those times were terrible but I just couldn’t let it go. Or some of the times, I would wear my wig under a cap. Lol

Do you feel natural hair is more acceptable now than it was years ago?

Most definitely! Natural hair was considered to be unattractive to some folks, and wasn’t very much popular at all. Now that everyone is going natural, the popularity of it has increased.

What is the best part about being natural?

The best part of being natural is the versatility of it. Even though I get bored with it sometimes, I know that you can always do different styles with your hair.


One thing that Shron E. enjoys about being natural is the versatility. In this picture she is actually wearing a sewn in.
One thing that Shron E. enjoys about being natural is the versatility. In this picture she is actually wearing a sew in.

What are some of the products you use on your hair?

I have no consistent products. Whatever is on sale, that’s what I’m using. Lol I’m cheap so if I don’t get treated to some expensive products, then I won’t get it. What I have been using on my hair lately is the Cantu bouncing curl cream, but that was a gift. Lol I still have a full jar of it left. It last for a pretty good time, and makes my hair look and feel much fuller. It definitely gives it the look.

Do you have any advice for someone who is deciding to go natural?

Ummm, I will just say to be patience. Especially when someone is first getting the big chop. Just be patience. We cut off our hair, and expect it to grow all the way down our backs overnight because we get so excited from seeing the after math of it from seeing pictures of other natural headed women on the internet, in person, etc etc. Your hair will grow. Just be patient. And I will also advise someone to be sure that going natural is what they really want, or else it would just be a waste of time. I actually know some people who went natural, did the big chop and everything and in the next week, they went back to the perms. BE VERY SURE!!

Shron E. often adorns herself with headwraps because they are beautiful and for cultural purposes as well!




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