Some Supporters Want Maryland To Enact Death With Dignity Law

UMToday-deathwithdignity-472x315The right to die is currently a hot topic especially after Brittany Maynard; a woman with brain cancer took her own life. This has started a movement of supporters with believe “Death With Dignity” is their right. Reports are surfacing that Maryland supporters are pushing for a legislation to make the right to die legal in Maryland.

Many believe that this is a sin against God the Creator! However, some believe that this is a human rights issue. So, what exactly is death with dignity? The Death With Dignity act allows terminally ill patients to voluntarily make the decision to end their lives through lethal medication prescribed by a doctor. So far there are 5 states that allows death through assisted suicide; Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Mexico and Vermont.

According to a source, under the law “a terminal illness but remains lucid may request a prescription for a lethal dose of medicine. Two witnesses must authorize this request, and one of the witnesses cannot be the patient’s doctor or a staff member of the patient’s health care facility. This witness also cannot be related to the patient or be in the patient’s last will and testament. A second doctor must evaluate the patient’s medical records to confirm the patient’s diagnosis. Once the request has been submitted with the appropriate signatures, the patient must wait 15 days and make an additional oral request to his physician for the lethal medicine to be administered. The patient can change his mind and revoke the request at any point in the process. Doctors are never required to participate in the process, but the law protects them if they decide to perform an assisted suicide.”

Now some Marylanders are in support of this type of law. The group gathered last Wednesday calls it “Death With Dignity.” The right to die bill was passed in New Jersey assembly last week but awaits action from the New Jersey Senate.



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