Changes Could Be Coming To Maryland’s Rain Tax

rain-300x207You know my first thought was who actually place taxes on rain water; something we in Maryland have no control over. Why should there be fees for something that is a natural element that is needed.  So, what is the “rain tax”? “A rain tax, or Stormwater Remediation Fee, was established via House Bill 987 (April 2012) affecting the largest urban jurisdictions in Maryland (nine counties and the City of Baltimore) in order to meet the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act as it concerns the Chesapeake Bay watershed,” according to a source.

The Maryland’s Senate president is saying, is there could be some changes to the rain tax, however he does not expect a repeal. There are ten Maryland counties with these fees. The state may not stop requiring those counties to spend money to protect the Chesapeake Bay from pollutants. Newly elected Governor Larry Hogan had said the stormwater management fee is something he would like to get rid of.


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