Baltimore Ravens Torrey Smith Will Be Playing For Another Team

torreyAccording to a blog post, Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens will be playing for another team this coming football season. In a lengthy post titled, “Every Great Blogger Starts Out A Rookie,” Torrey Smith expresses his gratitude for being a as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. He explains how it is tough for him to be leaving the city and directed it to his fans. “To the fans, it is tough to leave a city that I now call home. Y’all have embraced my family and me, and we truly appreciate it. Your support has been unreal and I will miss being able to make y’all proud,” he explains.

He goes on to say that he will be playing for another organization but his commitment to Baltimore is a lifetime commitment. For a lot of fans, this is a bitter sweet moment and many believe that the Ravens will be the worst team in the NFL now. Torrey Smith is a Wide Receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens has won two Super Bowl twice. To read the full post, click here!


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