Fighting Childhood Obesity By Banning Sugary Drinks?


A bill introduced would allow the ban of sugary drinks from kid’s menus in Baltimore. Obesity or being overweight is a national problem and this includes Baltimore. Statistics show that one out of three children is obese or overweight in Baltimore. Let’s face it, the United States is known for its fast foods. The reality is most people are busy and often eat out. It’s convenient; however, this has caused a problem not only among children but adults as well. Let’s take a look at the sugar content of a soda.



According to research, sugary drinks contribute to obesity and diabetes because of its empty calories. Because of this, the new bill could ban sugary drinks from children’s menus or kid’s meals at restaurants. The health commissioner says she wants restaurants to charge less for healthier options. This is a start to combat what is a problem in the United States. Not only should sugary drinks be limited but processed foods as well. Have you ever noticed that most foods with the empty calories are cheaper than the foods that are natural? Well, that’s another post!


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