Antoine Dodson Talks About Embracing the Hebrew Israelite Culture!

antoineAntoine Dodson set down with VLADTV in an exclusive interview to talk about embracing the Hebrew Israelite Culture. In the interview, Antoine explains why he took on the faith. “I know who I am. It’s not that I converted; I realized who I was,” says Antoine. Antoine Dodson become a household name when he was interviewed after jumping to action to save his sister.

The only thing that ruffles my feathers so to speak is him calling the Israelites gangs. I can see how some can use that word when you are affiliated with camps or congregations. Please note the Hebrew Israelites are not gangs. Many people when they think about the Hebrew Israelites they think about the groups you may see on the corners in a lot of states. So take a look at the interview below!


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