BPA Still Found In Canned Food Linings

canned-foodAccording to a new report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), BPA or bisphenol A is still found inside the metal lining of food cans today. Even though it is less common, the chemical has been linked to several health problems.

From January to August of 2014, EWG looked at 225 brands by 119 companies. They asked each company if the used BPA based coatings to line their metal food cans. Now before the details of the study are revealed, let’s talk about what BPA is. BPA mimics sex hormones and thyroid hormones. The chemical has been linked to some problems with the brain and nervous system development, obesity, and reproductive health. Even exposure during pregnancy can be viewed by some as hazardous. Most of the research was done in the lab and animal studies and this is what was found.

BPA-ChartThe EWG survey findings:

  • 12% of the brands, or 31, used BPA-free cans for all of their canned products.
  • 14%, or 34 brands, used BPA-free cans for one or more of their canned products.
  • 31%, or 78, used BPA for all their canned products.
  • 43% of brands supplied incomplete or ambiguous answers to survey questions or did not respond.

Federal regulations does not require manufactures to identify BPA free cans. Yet the FDA says the chemical is safe in food packaging and containers. Some BPA free brands include: Amy’s, Earth’s Best Organic, Seneca, Sprouts Farmers Market, Tyson and Health Valley. See below for full list below!


Some believe that the EWG report will scare consumers away from technology that has protected food for over 35 years. Those who use BPA believe it is completely safe. “There is a difference between a hazard and a risk,” says Justin Teeguarden, PhD, a toxicologist and senior scientist at the Pacific Northwest National laboratory whose research supports the findings that the FDA regarding the usage of BPA. The FDA says more research is underway into BPA and any risks.


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