Maryland Woman Dies After Allegedly Receiving Illegal Butt Injections

article-butt-0602 Kelly Mayhew, a Maryland based freelancer for BET was found unresponsive at a home in Queens and shortly after a call was made to 911 by her mother. Police are investigating the death of the 34 year old who allegedly received butt injections while in the basement of the home in Queens, New York. What may have been in the injections was not immediately clear as well as how many did she receive.  Also the initial autopsy was inconclusive. It is unknown whether the person who is believed to be responsible for administering the butt injections has a medical license or any medical training.

BET has released a statement mourning her death.

“We are saddened by the death of our colleague and friend, Kelly Mayhew. Our hearts go out to her family, and we extend our deepest sympathies for their loss,” the company said in its statement.

Illegal cosmetics procedures have been on the rise including silicone injections. This is not the first time that someone has died from what maybe illegal butt injections. Not only can this cause death but in many cases it has caused loss of limbs and/or permanent disability. It saddens me that people have to go this route to improve their beauty. Yes it is their choice but if a person must do it use someone who is licensed or do some good old squats.

There can be a number of issues with illegal butt injections which can range from toxic materials to an embolism or heart attack. However, it is not known for sure as to what caused Mayhew’s death and will not be known until the final autopsy comes back.



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