VIDEO: Akon Interview At Mawazine 2015

Akon-energy-briefingDuring Akon’s interview at Mawazine 2015, Akon talks about how the responsibility shouldn’t be forgotten, but further acknowledged — if you have means to help people.

“Well, when it comes to ‘humanitarian’, I think — even outside of being an artist — anyone with success should always put themselves in a position to help others. You know? Ultimately, only a few are chosen to be in a certain status or to be famous, or to even be influential in life.

So, you’ve got to understand that those few people that are that position are touched by God. You’re chosen to be in that position. You should always honor that responsibility. You know, most people don’t choose to not do anything. You always have a choice.”

Continuing Akon’s interview, he also explains his business methods and mindset.

“Me, personally, the things that I’m doing may be considered to be ‘humanitarian’, but they’re actually for-profit. A lot of my businesses are for-profit. I just choose to get into businesses that are going to help people. So, naturally, it’s a position where — if I’m going to make money — I’m going to make money helping people.

That’s just my personal view of how I like to get into business. If I’m always offering opportunity, or someone comes to me with a proposal, the first thing I ask is, ‘Okay, how does it help the community?’ Or ‘where does it benefit in a position where others will be touched by it?’ If they can’t answer that question, then I’m not interested.

That’s why I like to get into businesses that will allow opportunities for others to grow.”

Aliaune’s solar initiative seeks to train qualified individuals to develop, use, and maintain solar energy technologies in and throughout Africa.

“Located in Bamako, Mali, the solar academy will train African engineers and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to produce and maintain solar-powered electricity systems and micro grids. Here, experts will be available to provide assistance with training – and equipment and programs will be supplied by angel investors.”



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