Mothers Do Not Gain Any Benefits From Eating Placenta

PLacenta-Pills-Top-Down-537x351Just the thought of doing this makes my stomach hurt. I cannot even imagine eating the placenta or have the desire to do so. However, let’s get into the facts about the research. According to researchers, “Consuming the placenta after birth offers women and their babies no benefit.” If anything, doing this may pose unknown risk to mothers and infants. This practice is known as placentophagy. It’s been in the media and some celebrity mothers have made it a trend.

A team from Northwestern University in Chicago did the study. In the study, the team pored over data from 10 published studies.  It was found that eating the placenta either raw, cooked or in pill form — does not reduce pain after childbirth, help with lactation, improve mother-child bonding, replenish iron in the body, improves skin elasticity or protect against postpartum depression.

Dr. Jill Rabin, co-chief of the division of ambulatory care at Women’s Health Programs states that, “The new research couldn’t find a single scientific benefit of eating one’s placenta.” She does not recommend this practice to her patients.

Even though other species may eat their placenta, it doesn’t mean humans should do the same. Please note that the placenta is there to nourish and filter toxins during pregnancy so the baby isn’t exposed to harmful things.


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