Baltimore Restaurant Decides To Feed The Homeless During Restaurant Week

Tabrizi_s-Tabrizi_s-20000000000859901-500x375Restaurant owner Michael Tabrizi who is the owner of Tabrizi’s restaurant opted out of Baltimore’s Restaurant Week. This takes place in July. Instead of offering menu deals, he partnered with local homeless shelters to feed those in need.

“I saw a guy at a traffic light with the sign, ‘I’m hungry, I will work for food,’ ” Tabrizi tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t just pass him. I gave him my business card and told him to come to my restaurant when it’s open for a free meal. I kept driving and asked myself, ‘What about the others?’ ”

Tabrizi’s serves Mediterranean food such as lamb, sardines, falafel, etc. However this week he will serve Cordon Bleu with sage cream and salad on fine china, sparking apple cider and ice cream in a waffle cup.

He tells People, “I think these people are really forgotten,” he says. “Nobody looks them in the eye anymore. These people lost everything, but that doesn’t make them less human than others. I like to help them by feeding them. I don’t think they are hungry for nourishment, but more mental nourishment. They just need somebody to talk to them.”

I love stuff like this. Often times people forget about those who may fall on hard time or end up in circumstances one has no control over. I believe all people should be able to eat and if you can lend a helping hand one should do so because you never know if you may end up in those who are less fortunate shoes.

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