Some of Eshet’s Steps to Healing!

pink flowers In life we go through things and at times it can be something good or something bad. This writing will be about the bad, where it can end up hurting you. However, I believe there is a lesson in everything that happens good or bad. Regardless if you intentionally or unintentionally put yourself in a situation that is detrimental to you, one can always pull themselves out and be better prepared next time if the situation presents itself. So I will list some steps that helped me get through difficult times in hopes that it will help you if you are ever presented with a situation that requires you to heal yourself. These are some of Eshet’s steps to healing:

1. Know that it’s alright to cry, be angry, feel sad, it’s a part of the process. To suppress those things could cause more harm than good. Shedding tears is a cleansing process and it actually gives relief to a situation.

2. Seek the Creator in any situation you are in. One may pray to ask the reason behind what is going on, read the bible, or do both.

3. Talk about what you are going through with someone you can trust. If you have no one, write your thoughts down in a journal. Find an outlet for what you are feeling.

4. Get busy! Try different things or do things that you have never done before. If you always wanted to travel to a different place or wanted to try a new activity, this would be a good time to do so.

5. Do not beat yourself up over the situation or play the victim. Know that in any situation one has to realize what they did to contribute to the situation.

6. Finally forgive yourself and anyone who has hurt you! Know that we all error and are imperfect. I truly believe once you forgive the person who has hurt you, you can eventually move on. Never ever let someone have that much power over you where you are in constant hatred towards them or you cannot move on! The reality of it, they may not even care how you feel!



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