Children Shoes (The Best Places to Buy In Baltimore)



I love a nice shoe and I love quality shoes. Even though I have decreased the size of my shoe collection, I still love to purchase a nice shoe every so often. Now this article is not about my shoes or adult shoes but shoes for children. I stumbled across an article that talked about the best places in Baltimore to buy shoes for children. Now it’s that time of the year where the children are returning to school and parents want to purchase items that are of quality. I looked over this list and I agreed with most of it. I couldn’t agree with all of it because I have never visited some of these stores. I will list them below and add my own.

Economy Shoes

Economy Shoes is located in the Reisterstown Road Plaza; 6560 Reisterstown Road. I would frequent this place when my son was little for top quality shoes. I will buy name brand but not all the time. I love a nice leather shoe. However, if you’re looking for name brand shoes at a reasonable price this is the place to go.

Towson Bootery (

Towson Bootery is a shop that has been in business for 60 years. Shop for shoes in store or get a special fitting. They will do a measurement, special order shoes and dye shoes for your child or children. Just tell them what is needed and they will produce it.

Off Broadway Shoes

Off Broadway Shoes is located in Arundel Mills mall. I absolutely love this place. I really love to shop the clearance rack because of their mark down prices. Good quality leather shoes for a decent price. It’s a huge department store that has nothing but shoes for men, women and children.

Other stores that was listed were Petit Feet, Dapper and Dainty and Cottage Kidz Boutique.



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