Growing Drone Problem Tackled With New App!


The FAA’s new app is called B4UFL. Due to a number of drones being sighted by pilots, the FAA is hoping this new smartphone app will help. The app is able to use your smart phone and compare it to any flight restricted locations in your area. Because of no communication, it can be a total disaster if a airplane comes in contact with a drone. “When you power it on, it checks its location and it tells you if you can fly here or not. You’ll get a yes you can, or no you can’t,” said CBS News reporter Kris Van Cleave. “Remember, it was a couple of large geese that took out the engines on the Miracle on the Hudson plane. Those birds only weighed between 10 and 12 pounds. A 20lb drone, made of hard plastic and batteries, could be devastating to a jet engine.”

The release of this app comes after a close call with between drones and airplanes. The app is expected to be released to the public in three months.


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