Well, I will tell you who cares, news anchor Angela Green of WNCT. I viewed the video below and I did not completely agree with what she was saying. To me, I see nothing wrong with the intern’s hair and yes it was her opinion. The conversation was between Angela Green and a college intern with the topic being natural hair. Green believed the intern should straighten her hair and wanted the opinion of others. In the video Green was asked by the intern what to do with her hair because it was described as “distracting.”

Green replied, “Distracting, well that is a very interesting word. But in the world of TV we see it all. It just depends in what market, what audience you’re looking for right now. And really, your bosses and what they allow you to do. My advice is straighten for the sake of the school project. Depending on what market you get in, when you’re older, that is something that you have to deal with. But in the workplace, just for this one, my suggestion was to just straighten it out just to please everybody.”

What bothered me the most was the fact that the Green told her to straighten. As I viewed the video, I saw nothing wrong with the college student’s hair. Perhaps a trim would be good, styling it in a bun or something. My thought was why straighten it when there are women in that profession that will wear their hair curly. Also the fact that Angela speaks about how her bosses like her hair strengthened even though she has naturally curly hair didn’t sit well with me.


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