New Laws Approved In Maryland



Thursday, October 1 Maryland’s last legislative session took place and new laws were approved. Some of the laws are listed below.

Intern Protection

Sexual harassment and discrimination state prohibitions will be extended to interns.

Handgun Identification

The requirement for handgun manufacturers to provide gun dealers with shell casings from bullets fired from handguns the state is repealing.

Speed Limit

The state’s speed limit will be increased from 65 to 70 miles per hour of specified highways.

Criminal Expungement

“People can file petitions to have crimes expunged from their records if the act on which the conviction was based is no longer a crime.”

Second Chance

The law is aimed at helping people get jobs. Those who have certain nonviolent misdemeanor criminal records will have their records blocked from public view after three years under certain conditions. This applies to people who have served their sentence. It includes probation and parole, and those who have maintained clean records.

Other law that were passed included Anayah’s law, divorce law, information act, yellow alert and correctional officers and polygraphs law.

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