Lets Talk Books and History With Kashub Danite

12348356_936024843145907_107626402_nIt’s been said that, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is true for Kashub Danite who is a lover of history. I could tell this was so from the numerous videos I saw were he spoke about history with such a passion. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kashub to talk about his current book, “Deuteronomy 28:15-68 The Condition of the Blacks” and his upcoming book about Kemet.  His mission is to bring forth information that may not be known to the masses.

Eshet: First I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit with me. Could you give a little background information about yourself and what made you passionate about history?

Kashub Danite: Well, giving honor and praise to Yah the Creator and Maker of heaven and earth. I was 9 years old and reading the Compton’s Encyclopedia and it had dates in it. I initially was looking up body organs as I wanted to be a doctor but the dates attracted me to want to know more about history. The subject was slavery and the ‘ reconstruction ‘ period of 1865 to 1877.  My background started in New York borough of Brooklyn where I was taught at home about being an Israelite. The congregation I went to was Kol Sh’aireit B’Nai Yisrael in the Bronx.

In 1991, I received several awards in history/social studies and this being in the 6th grade.

In High School I goofed off, dropped out, but eventually went to college and got myself back on track.

In 2002 at age 22 I was certified as a Moreh/Teacher in Israelite community.

In 2013 I received by bachelor’s degree in education.

Well I was around elders a lot and the passion to write and history was quelled when I attended a congregation called Hashabah and a lady asked were we Muslims. I stated we are not Muslims, we are Israelites. From that point I wanted to delve into history, particularly black history and focus on the Israelites and how they for in the world history.

Eshet: Slavery, that brings me to my next question. I was reading your book that is yet to be published and I found that a lot of it was based around slavery, the bible and the connection with the so called “African Americans” scattered throughout the diaspora. Why is this?

Kashub Danite: The book you read ‘ Deuteronomy 28:15-68 the condition of the Blacks’ was starred first as a lecture in 1999. It was then made into a book format by 2003 and in 2011 it was released. The book is an attempt to show how the history of the Israelites fit in the rest of the world. Tracing the history from when the Israelites were leaving Egypt in the 15 the century BCE to the evidence of the Israelites in the empires from Assyria to Rome to the diaspora of the Israelites to West Africa and the reason why we went into slavery and a proposed biblical solution to the state of our people

Eshet: Now from history we know about those who had their hands in slavery. It was even revealed of the years that many “African” nations had their hand in it too. However, do you believe that the people were selling themselves but didn’t know they were from the same people? I asked this because of the time gap between the times when the Northern kingdom was forced out the land from the time the southern kingdom was expelled and the fact that many were caught up in different types of worship at that time.

Kashub Danite: As pointed out in the book the northern kingdom was out at 722 BCE yet there were there were Israelites still in the land of the northern tribes. The people of the southern kingdom included people of the northern tribes. Kingdom and people are different in terms. The Africans according to E. Reynolds were selling the people who came from another land and were not their own people.

Eshet: When is your book due?

 Kashub Danite: The book on Kemet is in peer review for release before January.

Eshet: What about your Deuteronomy 28 book is available now?

Kashub Danite: Yes it is available via email.

Eshet: Also, considering the condition of “African Americans” aka Hebrews in America what do you think the solution to the problem is?

Kashub Danite: Put away the negative attitudes of hate, distrust, jealousy and apathy. Have more accountability, responsibility and love. Return to the Most HIGH and acknowledge the wrong we as a people did and obey the commandments (Torah).

Eshet: I noticed that you’re on a couple of YouTube channels. Would you like to share those?
Kashub Danite: Moreh Yeshiah ‘ one channel and Maccabees TV ‘
Eshet: Can you give a brief synopsis of what your Kemet book is about?
Kashub Danite: The Kemet book is about setting the record straight about the position of Yisrael that has been suppressed by historians, archeologists and teachers who have an agenda. In the book I discuss the exodus and the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt verified by the Bible and Egyptian records.
If you would to connect with Kashub Danite, you can do so via his Facebook page.

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