Johns Hopkins Medical Center To Perform The First Penis Transplant In The U.S.

shutterstock_6085807In the next six months, doctors at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore will be performing its first penis transplant ever in the U.S. Doctors hope to give wounded veterans penis and scrotum tissue. This will allow urination and sexual activity.

“We are getting ready, sometime soon, to perform the first genital transplant in the United States, and we are focusing our initial efforts on the wounded warriors,” said Dr. Redett, plastic surgeon.

“This involves a lot of intricate structures, the nerves, blood vessels. It involves transplanting the penis, but conceivably the pelvis to make these men whole again,” says Dr. Burnett.

The surgery should take less than 12 hours. Doctors have been authorized to perform 60 operations. However, the surgery is depended upon if a donor can be found in Maryland. The screening process is thorough. For the first surgery, less than five patients are being considered and a team of 25 to 30 medical professionals will be involved.


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