Man Arrested In Ex-NFL Player Joe Mcknight’s Death


Ronald Gasser, 54 was initially taken into custody last Thursday after a road rage shooting but was released without charges. However, Gasser was arrested late Monday. He has been jailed on manslaughter charges. According to authorities, “strategically” waiting for days to make the arrest  because they needed to find independent witnesses. Joe McKnight who was an ex-NFL player was fatally shot. Sheriff Newell Nomand insisted that this case is not about race.

“Ronald Gasser, 54, was initially taken into custody after the shooting last Thursday but he was released without being charged, drawing heated criticism from protesters who said race played a role in the investigation. Gasser, who is white, was arrested late Monday. McKnight was black.”

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand pounded on a podium during a news conference explaining the investigation.

“This isn’t about race. Not a single witness has said … a single racial slur was uttered,” the sheriff said.


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